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Expressions: In The Garden

August 4 2023

Expressions: In the Garden is a  concert event at Gärten der Welt in Berlin. 2000+ people enjoyed the music of Noah Slee, A Song For You, Lyra Pramuk, Moses Yoofee Trio, Lary & Kelvyn Colt. Falkenberg wrote for all artists arrangements for String Orchestra and was also seen as conductor.

EDIT: unfortunately Lyra Pramuk had to cancel her appearance.


OSCAR NOMINATION: All The Beauty And The Bloodshed

'All The Beauty And The Bloodshed' has been nominated for an Oscar in the category for best documentary movie. Absolutely stunning news. With music by Zacharias.

The Live Session at Heaven Heaven is online. A selected playlist with tunes from the Cycles EP and unreleased songs captured with camera. Support Heaven Heaven and the featured artists here:


New Release: DUO II by Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Wesseltoft

Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Wesseltoft new album DUO II released on October 14th with 2 Songs co-written by Falkenberg:

Duolism - One Two

Duolism Two - Two

New Singles Out:

Them Caged Dogs

Bareboned Feet & I Am Collector

The new singles I Am Collector & Bareboned Feet by Falkenberg's artrock band Them Caged Dogs are out. The debutalbum Today's Duty, Tomorrow's Ruin will be released on Marmo Music on the 20th January 2023 on vinyl and digital.


Soundtrack: All The Beauty And The Bloodshed

New original filmscore for oscar winning director Laura Poitras was written with and as part of Soundwalk Collective. This documentary won the Golden Lion at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

The film will hit the european cinemas on May 26, 2023.


CANCELLED Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Wesseltoft + Guests

++ New Oncert Date : May 13 Emmaus Kirche Berlin ++


October 16 & 19th (cancelled) concert with Henrik Schwarz & Bugge Wesseltoft at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and Emmaus Kirche Berlin.

TCD Front.png

'Today's Duty, Tomorrow's Ruin' album OUT NOW

The debut album 'Today's Duty, Tomorrow's Ruin' from Zacharias' artrock band Them Caged Dogs is out now digitally and on vinyl. Buy and listen link below.

CYCLES Zacharias S Falkenberg_800x800_spotify_lowres.jpg

New Release: Cycles

The new EP Cycles is a melting pot of different genres such as  Electronic music, Ambience, Krautrock and even has some orchestral modern classical parts in it. The main focus is yet on synthesizers, creating a fascinating journey of 80's synth nostalgia, alien drum beats and industrial atmospheres.

Ruining My Brain by ÄTNA x NDR Bigband | Arrangement by Falkenberg

See Zacharias conducting his arrangement of Ruining My Brain by ÄTNA with the NDR Bigband live from the Elbphilharmonie. Sold out concert during the Reeperbahnfestival! Great audience, great music, awesome video in an awesome location.


ÄTNA feat. NDR Big Band

Happy to announce that Zacharias will be conducting & arranging for "ÄTNA feat. the NDR Big Band" project at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg during the Reeperbahnfestival.



Thanks to  Digital in Berlin for the interview. Learn more about Zacharias' work, inspiration, favourite places in Berlin, etc.


EL GORO- performed by Them Caged Dogs (fromerly known as The Chronometer's Orchestra)- is a 2017 composition originally written on a FM-synthesizer. First premiered in the 2019 The Chronometer's Orchestra feat Matangi tour it got re-arranged and re-written a couple of times. This is the result. Music straight from the Covid-19 lockdown.


IPPON written for Matangi and their #90seconds initiative, where they asked composers all over the world including Chick Corea to compose 90 seconds of music.

imperfect maladies cover klein.jpg


Piano music written during Covid-19 lockdown. The collection IMPERFECT MALADIES will be released in regular intervals. Available on all major plattforms!



Plunderphonia by Henrik Schwarz includes string quartets from all eras of music history. Fused together, superimposed and added with electronics, a completely new piece of music has been created. Included compositions by Wolfgang Rihm, Henrik Schwarz & Zacharias S. Falkenberg. Arrangements by Henrik Schwarz & Zacharias S. Falkenberg.

Grammy Award winner Jules Buckley about Falkenberg:

„Zacharias (...) is a curious composer and arranger that thinks outside the box. He also reveals a strong sense for different musical styles through a repertoire where composed music is easily integrated with improvised music. (…) [We are] positively surprised by the distinct and genuine structure of [Zacharias’] compositions. In his work for bigger ensembles he plays with surprising combinations of instruments and his works show undeniable expertise without being too academical. Besides the high level of craftsmanship Zacharias also exposes a broad and very formative conceptual range of sounds.“


Composer, conductor, enfant terrible! Zacharias S. Falkenberg is not only a versatile composer covering genres such as classical music, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Avantgarde and Punk, which he combines with great audacity, but is also a fierce bandleader and orchestral conductor doing things against the grain. He is quoted as an „undeniable expert“ with a „high level of craftsmanship“ by Grammy- Award winning conductor Jules Buckley and „unconventional“, „exciting“ and „brilliantly successful in a field where a lot of other composers failed“ by various press.


In recent times he is known collaborating with Soundwalk Collective, writing the soundtrack for academy-award winning director Laura Poitras' movie All The Beauty And The Bloodshed, which earned an Oscar nomination and won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. With Henrik Schwarz he was involved with the projects Plunderphonia, CCMYK and the album Duo II with Bugge Wesseltoft. Other collaborating artists include Matthew DekayLee Burridge, ÄTNA, NDR BigbandNoah SleeKelvyn ColtLARYMulayMoses Yoofee Trio & A Song For You. Other projects include Them Caged DogsThe Chronometer’s Orchestra and The Expressions Orchestra. As a composer & conductor he stood on stages like the Elbphilharmonie, Tivoli/Vredenburg, Gaudeamus Festival NL, LantarenVenster, XJAZZ and Reeperbahnfestival.


foto by © tab.maphi

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